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Atlantic Air Industries Maroc (AAI Maroc) is an independent MRO company with several approvals


We offer to the regional commercial aviation (air transport, cargo, private), state aircraft operators as well as aircraft lessors our maintenance, modification and repair services. Our company is recognized in the international MRO market for its technical reliability and quality of its services.


Created in 2008 at Benslimane Airport halfway between Casablanca (economic capital) and Rabat (political capital) by Mr Didier Bernardeau, AAI Maroc has, from the beginning, ambitioned to provide to the African continent a high level of quality of service in the aircraft maintenance market.

Morocco and more precisely the region of Casablanca were selected because of its very long aeronautical history and legacy through its national air carrier Royal Air Maroc, aircraft manufacturers such as AIRBUS (previously AEROSPATIALE), Royal Air Forces, aviation schools and universities.

As a result, this legacy has enabled the existence of a competitive and diversified aviation ecosystem with all skills and competencies required in the aeronautical maintenance field.


AAI Maroc, is composed of a team of professionals fully dedicated to their aviation passion.

Our absolute rule is to always be of a total integrity, transparency and regulatory/technical compliance to the civil aviation authorities, airline customers and aircraft manufacturers.

To achieve this, AAI Maroc prides to provide the highest standard of initial and continuous trainings to its personnel to ensure the highest level of mastership and achieve highest level of reliability in its maintenance works.


AAI Maroc is located at Benslimane Airport, 30 kilometers Northbound from Casablanca. The airport has a 3200 meter long runway,

enabling any commercial aircraft to land.

AAI Maroc has three hangar slots to perform the maintenance, modification and repair works it is contracted for. Under its approvals, AAI Maroc is habilitated to work on a large scope such as: Base maintenance (C checks, calendar checks, 36000 FC checks, etc.), line maintenance including A checks, troubleshootings, specific avionic and structural modifications (SBs, STCs, etc.), aircraft major repairs…

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Atlantic Air Industries Maroc recognises that its human resources are fundamental in our aircraft maintenance activity. Consequently, all Atlantic Air Industries Maroc collaborators, coming from the civil and military aviation industry, have received a high level of training. Our company dedicates annually a significant percentage of its turnover to maintain and improve the skills of its collaborators.

Our approvals

Atlantic Air Industries Maroc has the following approvals:

  • EASA PART 145 ref : EASA.145.0758
  • Maroc – DAC N° : CN – MA 22/10
  • Guernsey – 2-REG.145.161
  • Guinée Equatoriale – ref : EQG.145.018
  • Tchad – N° 005/ADAC/DG/DSA/DNLP/213
  • Nigéria – ref : AMO/CN/AAI
  • Ghana – N° 090
  • Congo – N° : RAC.05. 013
  • Etc…

We are ready to repair your fleet

AAI Maroc is recognized on the international market for its reliability and the quality of its services.